School Storage Solutions: Planning for a Pandemic

How many stories come from your school days? Each and every one of them needs a storage solution.

How many stories come from your school days? Each and every one of them needs a storage solution. A dynamic and diverse environment, schools are filled with books, tools, electronics, personal affects, supplies, and so many more vital needs. Anyone in the educational field will stress that proper storage is essential. With so many young minds to keep track of, school storage needs to be well-organized, efficient, and above all accessible to ensure the proper flow of supplies, data, and equipment to students and their faculty.

As an added wrinkle on top of that herculean task, schools are high-traffic public areas: every storage now requires additional sanitation and COVID-19 considerations. The purpose of education is to learn how to solve problems – at Aurora Storage, we supply school storage solutions. To us, it’s about more than placing a few shelves: it’s about designing a system for safety, security, and streamlined storage for students and staff.

With our many degrees of experience, we’ll guide you to the right selection of storage for your unique space and needs. Each storage unit should work in harmony with the rest.

school storage solutions

A school library is a massive meeting ground, and a haven of solace and knowledge. A library is about bringing people together – but in the current climate, library shelving needs reconfigurable solutions to keep people a safe distance apart. Rolling library shelves can revolutionize your library storage. Our signature MJ line of shelving units. Shelves on concealed caster units move easily and can be arranged in any way you need, easily accommodating social distancing guidelines. Steel shelving is a must for heavy volumes: our proprietary Wood-Tek™ provides essential strength and structure without sacrificing style, allowing your library book shelves to seamlessly integrate wood designs with the stability of steel.

Perhaps you need to further restrict more access or make more room: that’s where high density mobile storage comes into play. On a hand crank or electronic track, you can collapse stacks of books to a single aisle at a time: this can be perfect for the research volumes in a college or high school.

An often-overlooked storage environment is where students spend the most of their time: the classroom. This is where school storage cabinets come into play. For instance, It is no secret that a school can be a great source of pathogens. In the COVID-19 climate, people still need to store personal essentials like lunch bags and coats in classrooms with smaller children, so they need the proper classroom storage cabinets. Contamination concerns require that excited little hands stay away from common touch points. School classroom cabinets can help. While the same mobile storage cabinet principles as a library can apply, school classroom cabinets allow teachers and students to stow away belongings safely, with minimal contact with the same surface.

Take for instance the Aurora Storage Times-2™ Rotary Cabinet, our compact and flexible file cabinet that doubles your storage capacity by spinning, with access from either side. Perfect for everything from a school office to classroom, able to store anything from coats and lunches, to sports equipment and sheet music, Times-2™ restricts access and provides ample space. And, thanks to foot pedal access for positive position control, you not only control your safe rotational momentum, but sanitation as well: the Times-2™ controls reduce cross-contamination by eliminating additional touch points. Furthermore, the reduced footprint and optimized efficiency of the Times-2™ also leaves a larger classroom floor to practice social distancing guidelines.

To further optimize your space, consider wall mount storage. A school wall cabinet takes advantage of unused vertical space, and keeps important or hazardous items out of reach of curious students. It can also add classroom library storage for additional enrichment capacity: classroom storage furniture can even make a functional seat to sit and read, but also stow away additional items. Classroom bookshelves and classroom cabinets can also be coated with antimicrobial paint, rapidly reducing potential pathogens and contaminants that cling to storage surfaces. Because the pigment kills microbes, the application can also reduce or mitigate bad odors as well as mold and mildew.

If only Mom had packed a storage cabinet for school as she slipped your lunch into your backpack and pushed you out the door every morning. When we learn to choose the right school storage solutions, we help sharpen young minds and create the best environment for our future. There is much to study about school storage, but Aurora Storage can help you make the grade.