What’s In Store: Selecting Types of Museum Storage Cabinets

There’s a story behind everything you store. It’s why selecting the right museum storage cabinet is crucial.

There’s a story behind everything you store.

It’s why selecting the right museum storage cabinet is crucial – you’re storing everything from valuable research subjects to priceless artifacts. It’s not just about finding security: you need the right fit, for your collateral and for your needs.

We have your storage solution. From massive paleontological samples to the smallest specimens, Aurora Storage® Museum Cabinets provide the secure, specialized storage museums need.

Depending on the objects being stored, the types of museum storage cabinets recommended may differ. For instance, large, irregularly shaped objects like paleontological samples or taxidermy may need to be housed in a museum storage cabinet with the heavy duty strength to hold the weight at higher capacities, while larger collections may need to be stored in big rooms with high-density mobile shelving systems.

museum storage cabinets

Here are some top types of museum storage cabinets:

Museum Collection Cabinets

Our customizable full line of Museum Collection Storage Cabinets is perfect for art and natural history museums, as well as scientific research facilities. Developed with the input of collections experts, our storage cabinets are designed with high quality fit and finish, smooth, no snag welds, tight compression seals to prevent dirt and insect infiltration, adaptable accessories, solid construction to last for years.

They boast a water top shield to protect the collection in the event of overhead sprinkler discharge; a durable ZERO Off-Gassing powder-coat that’s harmless to collections; steel-reinforced lift-off doors that won’t warp, rattle or flex (solid reinforcement that can’t be found in other competitive cabinets); heavy duty lift-off hinges with large diameter pins that allows the door to swing open flush to the side of cabinet and easily seat the door to the cabinet in the event of door removal; and multiple accessories to choose from like adjustable shelves, drawers, and dividers.

Archival Storage

Archivists charged with preserving the physical and intellectual property of historical societies, government entities, non-profits, and corporations have a daunting storage task. Paper, photographs, film, sound recordings, electronic files, and artifacts require a broad range of storage solutions with flexible accessories.

Of course, these storage solutions must be secure and safe, with non-reactive surfaces to facilitate the physical preservation of irreplaceable items.

Aurora has dozens of cabinet sizes with different styles and accessories to house archival collections. Our cabinets are finished with Gloss-Tek, an inert powder coat that is completely safe with no off-gassing of Volatile Organic Compounds.

Mix a variety of accessories in the same cabinet or easily reconfigure to adapt to future needs. We also carry counter height models that do double duty as display areas or convenient work countertops. Stack these shorter units to free up floor space or make room for more storage.

Flat Files

Flat files are museum storage cabinets with heavy-duty welded flat drawers that feature ball bearing slides and smooth interiors with no catch points to harm material being stored. They are great to store items like maps, drawings, paintings, books, letters, flat textiles, and other archival collections.

These heavy-duty welded flat files feature ball bearing slides and smooth drawer interiors with no catch points to harm material being stored. They come in 3 Sizes, with an optional base in 2 heights. They stack 3 high or mount to mobile carriages for additional versatility: choose from 3 Sizes, with an optional base in 2 heights, or stack 3 high or mount to mobile carriages.

High Density Storage

You likely have a vast collection to take care of: efficiency matters just as much as effectiveness. We’re no ordinary commercial space saver cabinets. Our shelving and cabinets are designed to be freestanding storage devices, or they can be incorporated as part of a larger mobile storage system to save space and costs.

For instance, Aurora Library Shelving is used in research libraries nationally as a more space efficient solution than cantilever shelving, saving 20% of floor space overall.

Our shelving supports even the heaviest of books: one 36” x 12” shelf can support 300 pounds without deflection or bowing over time.

Specially designed gusseted uprights make it easy to grab books, even in tightly packed rows. The Quik-Lok design has no hardware or braces to damage collections. Our design experts will even help you assess your existing museum floor space and recommend the correct product to optimize the storage in the space available.

Herbarium Cabinets

When it comes to quality storage for your botanical collection, leaf nothing behind. Aurora Storage Herbarium Cabinets are second to none in quality, breadth, color selection, and accessories. These Herbarium Cabinets feature a locking compression handle to provide the tightest of seals and a non-off-gassing silicone gasket to protect your specimens. They also feature a full height pullout work surface, a closed cell silicone gasket with memory retention, full perimeter reinforced lift-off doors that swing 180° flush with cabinet, right or left hand swing options on single door, a label holder and water shield top, 31 Eco-friendly beautiful colors with no VOCs, and a limited lifetime warranty.

Art Rack

Art-Stor Art Rack is a custom solution to storing paintings in reserve collections, research areas, or for higher density storage of paintings where space is limited. A solid, smooth-welded frame encloses heavy duty mesh panels sized to your exact dimensions. Another custom alternative is to mount Art-Stor Art Rack to mobile carriages, thereby increasing your storage by 50% or more while saving valuable floor space. Vertical panels mount securely to the carriages to ensure smooth and gentle tracking.

What else do we have in store? Contact Aurora Storage: we’re the perfect partner to preserve what’s precious.