Storage Solutions for Libraries

A library is a place for studying, researching, and learning. Though they are filled with knowledge, libraries need to feel open and inviting for people to work properly inside of them.

A library is a place for studying, researching, and learning. Though they are filled with knowledge, libraries need to feel open and inviting for people to work properly inside of them. They need proper shelving to organize and store books, pamphlets, and multimedia. It’s essential for these spaces.

The allure of a library is the feeling of breathability while being surrounded by knowledge. Library visitors and workers want to feel comfortable while appreciating what the library offers in an open and well-organized setting.

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Library Storage Solutions: The Challenges

Libraries grow and expand over time. As these materials grow in number, it becomes increasingly difficult to organize or reorganize the shelves and spaces to fit new and old materials.

Those who work at libraries might find themselves emptying entire shelves to repurpose them or move them. These efforts require a lot of time and energy.

As the number of books and other materials grows, the library can become pressed for desk or reading spaces that allow visitors to sit comfortably in a quiet environment.

General Library Storage Products

Standard bookshelves are not usually customized to fit a particular library space. These shelves and cabinets are heavy and clunky structures. They are not efficient in saving space, nor are they easy to move.

When a library needs more room for materials, it may require more bulky shelves and cabinets. More of these storage products gives the library a more closed feeling and takes up desk and workspaces.

Library Storage Systems: The Solutions

Libraries need storage systems that fit the needs of the facility. Customized shelves and cabinets made for a specific library improve library organization as well as interior design.

A library needs shelves that allow the inventory to grow. Shelves that are easily accessible and that use the library space efficiently. The strategic and efficient organization will help make the library a more conducive learning and studying environment for both staff and library visitors.

MJ Library Shelving

MJ Library Shelving is for the shelving, storage, and display of library materials. These are high-density shelves that are mobile and require no overhead bracing or floor fastening. MJ Library Shelving features 1″ shelf profiles that prevent deflection over time. These are a solid library shelving solution, designed to meet both library function and budget.

Times-2™ Rotary Cabinet

The Times-2™ Rotary Cabinet is a compact, flexible, and stylish cabinet system that rotates fast for easy access from either side. The rotational accessibility allows for double the storage capacity of multimedia materials. Ready for any situation, this cabinet comes as a hanging, end tab, or top tab cabinet. Since the Time-2™ takes up less space, the library has more room for desks and workstations.

Quik-Lok® Shelving

The Quik-Lok® is a shelving unit with durability and flexibility. They are easy to assemble without the need for hardware tools. These shelves are also adjustable and allow for compact storage to fit any sized library with ease. Also, the Quik-Lok® comes in various colors to complement a library’s interior design and aesthetic.

Aurora Storage: Innovative Storage Solutions

We provide the best storage solutions for libraries of all shapes and sizes. Our versatile products are prepared to help you by making the organization of your library a breeze. Choosing the right library shelving system can be difficult. At Aurora Storage, we’re here to provide shelving and cabinet solutions that are easy for you to use and complement your library’s feel.

Contact us today for shelving, storage, and cabinet solutions for your library. We’d love to discuss your library needs and solutions.